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A new kind of creative management promoting a shift towards the alternative.

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May 23rd to August 15th, 2012

Anthony Lister, ASVP, Chris Stain, Clown Soldier, ENX, Fumero, Gaia, gilf!, Icy & Sot, Imminent Disaster, Joe Iurato, Judith Supine, Know Hope, Labrona, Miss Bugs, Other, Paul Insect, Sheryo, The Yok, and Zero Cents

As the rest of the art world slowed down for summer, (Re)Print transformed Hendeshot Gallery into a print shop and project space, offering limited edition works by street artists from cities around the world. The group exhibition evolved throughout its twelve week run as the work on view changed and grew, creating an informal experience that offers an alternative to the typical gallery environment.

As street art gains in popularity among the contemporary art world, the unique relationship between the artists' public and print work is often overlooked. In an attempt to reclaim public space, street artists apply repetition with a multiplicity of familiar aesthetics and imagery-allowing the anonymous artists to create an easily recognizable identity for themselves. Printmaking's potential for reproduction and circulation offers an alternative vehicle to make their work accessible for the public. (Re)Print celebrates the connection found between these salient aspects of both street art and printmaking.

GOOD Cities Project
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Fall 2014

The GOOD Cities Project — led by Bristol Baughan, Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning filmmaker — is diving into a five-month multi-media exploration with Ford Motor Company and inviting their favorite thought leaders to create visual love letters to cities across the country.

This fall, ALT//SHFT produced a behind-the-scenes video and 3 billboard designs that will be displayed in and around New York during the month of November 2014 for The Street Museum of Art, helping to share their unique and personal perspective of the city we live in and love. Focusing on found works of street art that have taken on lives of their own throughout this city, the video and billboard designs call for the public to take an active role in the GOOD Cities Project and ‘Rediscover Our City’ through the lens of a street artist.

(Re)Print Underground
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May 23rd to August 15th, 2012

ASVP, Chris Stain, Clown Soldier, gilf!, Icy & Sot, Joe Iurato, Sheryo and The Yok

In conjunction with the group exhibition (Re)Print, a select group of artists were invited to create site-specific installations as part of a growing underground street art project. Murals by the artists were open to the public for the duration of the summer, however, the exact location remained undisclosed attempting to preserve the excitement experienced when one unexpectedly discovers a work of street art.

Come & Get It
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February 10 - March 16, 2012

Alben, Daniel Arango, Ghost of a Dream, Jesper Haynes, Ted Noten, Rachel Bee Porter, Tom Sanford, Shelter Serra and Marie Vic

Designs by MQuan, Shabd and Symbols + Rituals

Come and Get It! exhibited the work of eight contemporary artists, each exploring the intersection between popular culture, consumerism and art. For the duration of the five-week exhibition, designs by MQuan, Shabd and Symbols + Rituals were displayed in the gallery space - creating an ironic juxtaposition between the contemporary art world and the retail experience.

Last Seduction
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March 29 - May 3, 2012

Shannon Plumb and Marianna Rothen

An exhibition of ominous beauty, Last Seduction featured video installations by Shannon Plumb and photographs by Marianna Rothen. Borrowing its title from the 1994 John Dahl film, this exhibition explores the titillating and mysterious nature of the femme fatale captured through the lens of two female artists.

Co-curated with James Hendershot.