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Check InInternal Mentally Friendly Project.

At Mentally Friendly we believe that regular check-ins with our clients is key to a successful project.

By holding twice weekly catch ups we are able to response quickly to any blockers, questions or changes that may arise.
It also keeps everyone involved up-to-date on the progression.

To help faciliate this process and track progress we decided to build a check-in app.

I used create-react-app and styled-components to build a Progressive Web App for the check-in app and Ant Design for the dashboard.


  • Local Storage to autofill name field after first use.
  • Auto generated URL per-project.
  • Downloadable to mobile device home screen.
  • MF staff login via Google with project search page.
  • MF staff only rendered fields.
Checkin App


  • Company email restricted Google login.
  • Collates all the check in app data into a scrollable set of columns, selectable by sprint.
  • Displays and scores each check in's info.
  • Flags if anyone reported a blocker.
  • I implemented Googles machine learning sentiment analysis to colour code the notes icons, this gave a quick view on whether the notes were negative, neutral or positive.
Checkin Dsshboard*Screenshots are built in code, not just designs.