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Hubble TalentInternal SCA Project.

Hubble Talent is an industry first product aimed at finding and springboarding the careers of new and up-and-coming talent.

I was tasked with building out the internal dashboard on a tight timeline. To increase speed of development I elected to use Ant Design React components with create-react-app so I was able to focus more on the functionality.

There were almost 100 REST endpoints for all the CRUD operations possible on the Node backend.

The whole project took about 8 weeks to complete.

Key features include:

  • Authentication - with auto session expiry logout and user permission levels.Hubble Home
  • Browse and filter profiles with multiple options.Hubble BrowseHubble Filter
  • View Profile - tabbed view for more info.
    Everything is editable inline depending on user permission, including photo/video/audio uploads.Hubble Profile
  • View past and current profile assessments.Hubble Assessment
  • Perform assessments.Hubble Assessment Finalise
  • Site administration.Hubble Admin
*All data shown in app is mock data.