Schwarzkopf Live Lookbook For those who want hair colour tips, tricks and lust-have looks to try at home.

December 1, 2015
HTML / SCSS / Custom PHP CMS / jQuery
Live Lookbook

The Brief

The brief had four key objectives:

  • Providing a unique selling point for LIVE amongst competition.
  • Increasing the brand’s appeal to a broader audience (a more trend-focussed consumer) while still satisfying the needs of the current users.
  • Inspiring consumers to frequently colour their hair and get creative.
  • Provide a valuable experience for consumers, encouraging repeat engagements with an owned brand platform.

The Platform

Key features of the platform included:

  • A quick-selector tool for consumers to use to quickly direct them to relevant content.
  • A Hair Advice section, presenting How-Tos, FAQs and multiple ways for consumers to speak directly with the brand for personalised advice.
  • Updated content tagging to aid findability.
  • A Community gallery for inspiration, filled with content generated by the LIVE fan-base.
Live Lookbook

The Impact

The LIVE Lookbook provides consumers with tips, tricks and lust-have looks to try at home… and it’s continuing to grow its encyclopedia of hair colour advice to empower consumers to become better at-home hair colourists. Highlights since its October launch include:

Increased reach to 18-35 year-olds

A 116% increase in sessions from 18-35 year-olds, compared to the same period in the previous campaign.

Increased utility

A conversion rate of 3.5% on use of the homepage “quick selector”, directing users to filtered hair advice content according to their needs.

Increased relevancy

A 35% decrease in bounce rate, a 282% increase in sessions and a 151% increase in returning visitors, compared to the same period in the previous campaign.

Live Lookbook